If you are an enthusiast like me personally, your ball could be among the most precious possessions. It is natural to wish to bring it with you on excursions where you might have the chance to test out some brand-new bowling alleys. However, if these destinations are a trip off, the calculus gets a little more challenging when your ball is not the simplest of developments to your bag.


However, what principles are there for attracting bowling balls on a plane? And how do you ensure your balls reach your destination with you?


To start with, there are not any rules which limit your ability. According to this TSA, it is possible to bring bowling balls in carry-on bags on the plane. (They don’t qualify as a “bludgeon” such as “clubs or bats,” that will need to be set to a carry-on.)


But it’s up to the discretion which means you will have to be mindful.


You would like to look at on the regulations because they may change of the airline you will be flying. There might be a weight limit to variables charges, or your luggage.

What if you want to travel with multiple bowling balls?

In case your spare ball should come or whether you’re a tournament bowler another alternative may be needed by you.


One alternative employed by a number of bowlers, would be to send your balls once you have arrived, and schedule the delivery for a time.

Other Tips for Traveling with Bowling Balls

Bowling Ball Express is the suggested shipping service utilized by the USBC, which guarantees “reasonable prices” and provides this debut: “With lots of airlines charging fees for additional luggage, more bowlers are picking Bowling Ball Express to send their bowling gear.

Recommendations on Bowling Ball Travel Bags

So far as the packing a fantastic idea to prevent at the place where they may rattle around, throwing your balls. Pack any clothing or a towel in together to keep things secure.


There is an assortment of alternatives to transport your own balls for bags. Based on what you have, you might have the ability to bring your bowling bag that is routine. There are many different travel bags which make traveling with your balls more easy.