The positive axis stage , or PAP, is your 1 stage on the chunk that’s equidistant from each stage of this ball’s trail. Put another way, look round the ball at the ring of petroleum. There is 1 place on the chunk that is the exact same distance from each bit of the oil ring.

To better comprehend what the positive axis point is and the way to locate it, watch the video Knowing You like a Bowler | Bowling Ball P.A.P.:

It’s necessary to see that the axis stage is exceptional to the bowler’s launch. As a result, the axis point’s positioning will differ into bowler based on the discharge. Prior to drilling the ball so that they can match the design ball drillers will locate the axis stage.

For deciding the ball design other things that come into play are the quantity of rotation imparted on the bowler’s ball rate as well as the ball.

Now you have an comprehension of the positive axis point (PAP), then we will need to know how it impacts ball movement as it moves down the lane. The next movie shows three distinct drilling designs Concerning the positive axis point (PAP):